SmartLink Partnership

Whether you operate a large call center or prefer to let your clients or members enroll themselves online, a SmartLink partnership could be the perfect sales solution for you.


What’s in it for you?

  1. Efficient enrollment portal
  2. Enrollments tracked by a single ID
  3. Optional custom site
  4. Basic reporting
  5. Revenue share
  6. The sales team at VSP will help you each step of the way.


Access from Platform

  • Your website communicates access to the VSP offering
  • Members enroll through a proprietary URL embedded on your site

Member Communications

  • Members receive welcome email from VSP with benefit information
  • VSP sends ongoing communications and renewal information
  • VSP renews the member automatically after 12 months

Administration by VSP

  • VSP/TPA processes enrollment and loads membership
  • VSP/TPA pays revenue share for each policy sold
  • VSP/TPA provides reporting
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